European social network

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European Social Network was created with the scope of helping the Members to change the life in society by providing quality social services. To get high results, the ESN unites people, who are key to the design and supply of local public services in Europe, to learn from each other and introduce their expertise and experience to build and effective social policy. Special social services help people with disabilities to have more independent life, take care of children and youngsters, empower families and communities, and take care of people in their declining years of life. Social services also carry out a number of responsibilities beyond traditional social work, such as housing, employment, health, education and regeneration spheres.

European Social Network is also an information network able to communicate and interpret new European policy trends in the constantly changing world around us. The Members of ESN occupy with major economic and social challenges, learning about innovative responses in the practice of social care. Besides this, ESN represents a Europe-wide learning network among social directors and care professionals, and this is paramount. Good practice exchange within the Members inspires improvements in all sorts of social services. Specially organized groups and events provide opportunities for practitioners making new contacts and further learning through exchange visits, etc.

European Social Network works closely with the European Parliament, the European Commission and national governments. It represents social services on high-level EU conferences and invites more representatives of European Union institutions and other European organizations to the events. ESN also has a great experience in working relationships with international organizations such as the Council of Europe and World Health Organization

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