European migration network

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This article provides a general overlook on European Migration Network that is summarized. Why was the Network created? What is its purpose? The EMN’s objective is to satisfy the information needs of Member States’ institutions and authorities and also European Union institutions by providing objective, reliable, comparable and surely up-to-date information on migration and asylum. It also supports policymaking in the EU and these areas. The EMN also provides the public with such information.

The European Commission was invited by the Laeken European Council in 2001with the scope of contriving a European system for exchanging the information on migration and asylum and countries of origin. This initiative was taken due to the need the information exchange on all perspectives of asylum, migration and immigration policy. As the result, European Migration Network was created that in 2003 started up as a Pilot Project and was considered a Preparatory Action since 2004 till 2006. In 2003 the Tesallonniki European Council welcomed the EMN permanent structure in the future. On 14th of May, 2008 the legal basis for the EMN was adopted.

The European Commission co-ordinates the work of European Migration Network with the assistance of the following Service Providers: iLiCONN and CHK-COWI and with National Contact Points co-operation, designated in each Member State. National Contact Points consist of Ministries of Justice and Interior, Research Institutes, Non-Governmental Organizations and a International Organization’s national office. The political guidance on the activities of the EMN is provided by a Steering Board that consists of one representative from each Member State who also holds the duty of an Observer from the part of the European Parliament.

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