European Microfinance Network

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The European Microfinance Network (EMN) was founded by the members of France Germany, and the United Kingdom and officially registered on the 23rd of May 2003 in Paris. The establishment of this network was supported by the European Commission and French CDC and turned an indispensable step in the microfinance promotion in the EU, assisting in unemployment fight and the fight against social exclusion with the help of microenterprises’ development. The EMN sees a society where everyone excluded socially and financially would be able to access the full range of financial services offered to improve their lives.
The European Microfinance Network works on empowering the economy by encouraging financial services to ensure wealth creation and reinforcing social integration in Europe. Promotion of microfinance in order to fight economic and social exclusion and promotion of the micro entrepreneurship and self-employment make up the mission of EMN. Thiscan be achieved by the support of microfinance organizations development, self-employment and microenterprises on the level of EU and Member State.
Certain services provided by The European Microfinance Network consist of: conferences, microfinance awards, publications, exchange visits, lobbying and trainings in different microfinance topics.

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