European Judicial Network

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The European Judicial Network (EJN) represents a special network that unifies national contact points for the alleviation of judicial collaboration in criminal concerns. This Network was created on 29th June 1998 and was officially opened on 25th of September 1998 by the Austrian Minister of Justice, who at that time acted as a Presidency of the EU Council. The EJN presents the first practical structured arrangement of judicial collaboration that has become truly functional. A new legal foundation entered in force starting with the 24th of December 2008, thus consolidating the legal ordinance of the EJN.

The European Judicial Network is composed of Contact Points of the Member States, as well as of European Commission and of a Secretariat situated in The Hague. The appointment of National contact points is held by each Member State together with the Central authorities, which are responsible for international judicial collaboration, judicial authorities and other adequate authorities, carrying out specific responsibilities on the arena of international judicial collaboration, both in general and for certain forms of serious crime, such as drug trafficking, corruption, organized crime or terrorism.

The assignment of contact points happens on the basis of constitutional rules, legal traditions and internal structure of every separate country. The only condition that must be followed is providing an effective coverage for all sorts of crimes throughout the country. As the result, there are 300 contact pints within 27 Member Sates. Each Member State among the Contact Points must appoint a National Correspondent. To solve the matters of the European Judicial Network’s electronic tools a tool correspondent should be designated by each Member State.

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