European Microfinance Network

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The European Microfinance Network (EMN) was founded by the members of France Germany, and the United Kingdom and officially registered on the 23rd of May 2003 in Paris. The establishment of this network was supported by the European Commission and French CDC and turned an indispensable step in the microfinance promotion in the EU, assisting in unemployment fight and the fight against social exclusion with the help of microenterprises’ development. The EMN sees a society where everyone excluded socially and financially would be able to access the full range of financial services offered to improve their lives.
The European Microfinance Network works on empowering the economy by encouraging financial services to ensure wealth creation and reinforcing social integration in Europe. Promotion of microfinance in order to fight economic and social exclusion and promotion of the micro entrepreneurship and self-employment make up the mission of EMN. Continue reading

Trans European network

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The Trans-European Network (TEN) was created by the European Union to create an international market and reinforce economic and social integrity. It made no sense to talk about a big European Union market with liberty of movement within its limits of goods, people and services, unless the making parts of it (different regions and national networks) were propel linked to each other by modern effective infrastructure. The establishment and development of TEN was considered as an important component for economical rise and the creation of new working places. Continue reading

European social network

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European Social Network was created with the scope of helping the Members to change the life in society by providing quality social services. To get high results, the ESN unites people, who are key to the design and supply of local public services in Europe, to learn from each other and introduce their expertise and experience to build and effective social policy. Special social services help people with disabilities to have more independent life, take care of children and youngsters, empower families and communities, and take care of people in their declining years of life. Social services also carry out a number of responsibilities beyond traditional social work, such as housing, employment, health, education and regeneration spheres. Continue reading

European Judicial Network

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The European Judicial Network (EJN) represents a special network that unifies national contact points for the alleviation of judicial collaboration in criminal concerns. This Network was created on 29th June 1998 and was officially opened on 25th of September 1998 by the Austrian Minister of Justice, who at that time acted as a Presidency of the EU Council. The EJN presents the first practical structured arrangement of judicial collaboration that has become truly functional. A new legal foundation entered in force starting with the 24th of December 2008, thus consolidating the legal ordinance of the EJN. Continue reading

European migration network

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This article provides a general overlook on European Migration Network that is summarized. Why was the Network created? What is its purpose? The EMN’s objective is to satisfy the information needs of Member States’ institutions and authorities and also European Union institutions by providing objective, reliable, comparable and surely up-to-date information on migration and asylum. It also supports policymaking in the EU and these areas. The EMN also provides the public with such information. Continue reading